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President Obama

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As we ALL know hindsight is as they say 20/20 of course by the same token if ALL of us were Oracles there would be no such thing as foresight. What is amazing to me is that so many of our Black writers, politicians and media people (with the exception of Tavis Smiley who displayed some Oracle talents and was thoroughly castigated and even fired from his BET Gig). There was never a doubt in my mind that the Right wing of the GOP (with their STOP HILLARY EXPRESS) and the lack of sophistication of the great majority black voters in states that counted i.e. SC (has anyone seen Clybrun on TV lately?) that pushed Obama into the nomination and subsequent win which any DEM would have won except perhaps the short guy from OHIO with the good looking wife. The GOP could not lose (Obama being the only one they had any chance of beating and since they were going to lose why not lose to some one who could NOT be re-elected in four years. To say that Obama has surrounded himself with in competent is weak He had not and still has not been here long enough to know WHO to trust the learning curve is and has been far too great. He is surrounded by idiots and as you say Clarence he continues to protect them. Another thing to consider is that the ONLY people who are serving him well are former Clinton people WHY Because politicians as they are they KNOW that there are no permanent friends in that arena AND also NO permanent enemies. The sad truth is as I have said from the start the country is too rich too FAIL and the Big Losers will be us Blacks who have done nothing BUT lose ground since the election in a BIG way and we will continue to lose ground as the COURT becomes more to the RIGHT or Center which is very little consolation for us who are STILL too FAR behind in everything and the move to the middle class has been far too few for the programs that propelled MOST of us continue to recede. One last thing the blacks in Congress (which will start to thin with NONE in the SENATE unless FORD can pull off an upset) the ones in the house with the change in the Voting Rights ACT will be more than cut in half in the next six years knew this but had to be for Obama because their constituents, most of which had no idea what they were doing but were voting (probably for the first time) made them do it. Isn't that sad? But worse than that they are the ones who will suffer the most . I say it is a high price to pay for the reflected glory that we have had for the first few months and the EXTREME pleasure we Continue to enjoy in SPITE of the PAIN that we have to know is SURE to COME. Think about it To continue to say this is what we inherited is not the answer anyone WHO was running should have KNOWN that whatever they found was WHY they were elected in the first place. A new broom is suppose to SWEEP Clean.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 April 2010 06:21 )  
Comments (3)
3 Tuesday, 06 April 2010 06:12
...the plight of blacks –what exactly is
such a plight from your vantage point? You write that you are not concerned
with his job performance, that he is unable to do anything for blacks;
specifically, what can he do for blacks that you would find good? This is
politics in the 21st century. There are many others in this country
who are as marginalized as blacks – yet not with the same history as blacks. It
would be political suicide to provide programs specifically for a certain race
while excluding others. You’ve seen the uproar with Affirmative Action –though
the spirit of this program is rightly due.  Furthermore this would
exacerbate our plight as we stand be further alienated from our fellow citizens
of other races whom may well be as marginalized?

On your argument against comparing him
with other presidents, Obama has to do something extraordinary different –for
the benefit of blacks, which would constitute stacking him up with other
presidents. History, as you well know will only judge him in comparison with
his predecessors –even you sir, in the end, would make such a judgment. As a
matter of fact, you have –regarding him and Hillary. This however not wrong; it
is something that we all do! It is the only marker. I do believe that is part
of the point.

With all due respect (as I understand you
to be wiser than I could ever be) on the issue of plight of blacks in America,
I wrote an article on http://whatsayu.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=61:mr-president&catid=46:race-consciousness&Itemid=53,
and argued a case on the plight of blacks and its direct correlation with the
election of Obama. (I trust that you’ll click on the link and read further.)

The point is that as blacks in the world,
we step into the game with negative credentials (not because of our own doing),
but simply because we are black. The global systems and its gatekeepers managed
to psychologically deplete the character of blacks; this, on the pretext
that blacks were of an inferior breed. This idea has since been impregnated in
the minds of many in this world -to include blacks themselves. It is an idea
that is commonly and subliminal thought of as "the stigma of
blackness"; whereas, ignorance, laziness, anger, violence, incompetence,
ugliness and many other stereo-typical social ills are directly associated with
those of the black race. This has been an idea -or strategy, that has literally
crippled a group of people for over 389 years. It is rightly what I call one of
the greatest psychological tyrannies in human history. Alas, this has been the
condition under which those of black heritage -to include those of mix racial
make-up- have existed. To this, we have our brethren of the colonial powers to

This is what I understand to be the
plight of blacks, and if it is this that you speak of, I seriously doubt that
any of Obama’s programs or policies–or for that matter those of any other
presidents can really eradicate this systemic ill.

On the contrary, I believe the point of
the historical event of November 4th, 2008, the election of Barack Obama, (a
man who is of the group described above) as the leader of the very nation that
has for nearly 400 years, stripped -with great success- all those that
look like him of any existentialism; indeed, will forever be one of the
greatest moment in the history of this nation and most importantly of the
world. It marks the great turning point where a
clear acknowledgement of the creed that is the bedrock in the birth
of this nation -" We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men
are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain
unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness". Furthermore, this event is a symbolic utterance that maybe the
idea of "the stigma of blackness" -that has been perpetuated since
those early days, 389 years ago- either no longer exists or was in fact untrue.
For such belief could not be true, yet elect one who is purported to epitomize
such characteristics to be the leader of that very system. This symbolic
utterance has its physical representation as the psychological impact to which
I believe to be the meaning of the election of Obama –even if he is unable to
specifically address all individual concerns.

2 Tuesday, 06 April 2010 06:09

Mossa---YOU DO NOT get
the point it has nothing to do with what kind of JOB he can do. MY entire point
is that he can do NOTHING to help the plight of blacks and he will do more harm
than good for US. How he stacks up against other presidents is not an issue with
me. How is it up to me to give him a chance he has his chance unfortunately for
us he cannot help. he was not my second choice--he was my last choice on the DEM
side and I am 100% DEM. I know of no GOP that I could vote for and that includes
Colin Powell.
1 Tuesday, 06 April 2010 06:00
I do get your point and argument against
Obama. I also understand that growing to appreciate someone who was not your
first choice in the beginning is an arduous task.  

Following the political debate, I
understand the Administration’s argument to be contrary to “we inherited the
problems”, but the reality is that the existing Herculean task where the making
of the previous administration. These were issues that took nearly a decade to
manifest. Is it realistic to expect a change in one year? The argument that we
were promised change and yet things are business as usual is non-sense.

Part of the major uproar against the
Administration is precisely because of the changes adapted or being adapted
–major financial regulations, health care, the stimulus, the stance on world
affairs, energy and many others.

In truth, the nation is perpetually
divided. It is an impossible mission to introduce policies or reforms that
everyone will be fine with; as such, I understand your argument. But I believe,
at best, things will be fine– or at worst, I seriously doubt that Obama can
perform any worst than his predecessor. This much I think we can agree. Let us
give the man a chance! 

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