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Home The Issues General The Price of the Evolution of Man and is it worth it?

The Price of the Evolution of Man and is it worth it?

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I was once asked my thoughts on whether the conveniences of modern times are worth the cost to the human creature and to the human society.

This is an interesting question because in truth no one living in the present, amidst these very conveniences, can really ask such a question. Who amongst us would prefer to live in a time different than ours -say, in the age before electricity, or for that matter the Stone Age? And for those of us in the convenient cities of the Americas, would we prefer to live in any other place such as in the freedom repress regions of other parts of the world? I pose these rhetorical questions simply because the premise of the initial question ("the conveniences of modern times") is precisely the very thing that propels our current existence.

This much noted, I believe however that the question is still a very important one. I am reminded of an old wisdom (in its paraphrased form): with great powers come great responsibilities. The superior ability of the human creature -to that of other creatures, has offered this creature the ability to create much abundance that is enjoyed the world over. However, this great superior ability is endowed for the stewardship of our environment. I write the word environment, with a meaning that encompasses: nature, other creatures, and of course our fellow humans. It is nearly not enough to acquire the so called "fruits of our labor" and not seek to appreciate and care for the very elements that have afforded these fruits.

First and foremost, the human creature has to seek to understand itself as the creator of the very reality of its existence. In such a state, this creature begins to take ownership in the successes and the mistakes it fosters. With this perceptive on self and an appreciation of the intricacies of its make up, a further enlightenment is revealed as to the nature of desiring the "fruits of our labor" (or the conveniences of our evolution). Such enlightenment will be that the things we desire are not the predicator of the happiness we seek in life; or that the meaning and purpose of our lives is not determined by the amassing of things of material value. But that happiness is a reality that exists within us and already lies dormant in the human spirit within. This is a realization that sets precedent to the fact that when wanting comes first, one can never have enough; but, when contentment is placed first, it matters not how much one has. Further, it is understood that that which we are wrongly thought to be the source of happiness –the possession of material wealth, is in fact subordinate to the spiritual wealth; a product of the inner-self. 

So, what is the cost of the evolution of man -and is it worth it? I write that such cost is indeed grand; for as is with anything of the creation of man, one is bound to find an equal dose of advantageous and disadvantageous outcomes. But in truth, it is not these things of the evolved man that are the causes of any regrets; but instead, it is the application of these things by the human creator itself that brings about these issues that perpetually hunt us. In another word, it is the primacy given to these exterior things of our creation over the priceless and invaluable properties of our inner-selves that sends us into the abyss of the rat race condition in which many of us find ourselves.

Though the cost of for our evolution is grand, should we prioritize the natural manifestation of our being; where our inner-selves is of much greater importance than the element of our outer-selves, we would than not be at the mercy of the products of our evolution. Rather, these things would be better enjoyed with the full understanding that they do not define the meaning of (or give purpose to) one's life.

These are my thoughts on such an interesting question; what say u?

Last Updated ( Friday, 01 May 2009 11:27 )  
Comments (6)
6 Friday, 15 May 2009 17:54
Iscottm2---As long as the human creature continue to exist as an animate creature -able to read, listen and ponder on the issues and things in its surrounding, this creature has perpetual responsibility regarding its actions. Many times, our circumstance are the result of our environment, but it is what we do in the aftermath that is of great importance. It is a choice to react negatively or positively toward the actions of one who you believe has done you wrong. In this respect, I don't necessary believe "a human conscious decision" to be inevitable -that is if your intended meaning of the word "inevitable" to mean out of the human control.
5 Friday, 15 May 2009 17:36
I wonder if it is possible for a human's reactions to be inevitable, and if  it is possible for a human's conscious decision to be inevitable.
4 Friday, 15 May 2009 04:32
Thank you for your thoughts, "iscottm2". Your point is well noted. Indeed, there are many circumstances that are out of our control -and such is inevitable because to a great extent, all of us are interconnected. But the truth regarding our existence is that the human creature is in complete control of its reactions to these inevitable manifestations. It is this control that ultimately makes the difference. So, when one cease to have control of their reactions to the things they see, hear, smell and even their thoughts, one has directly and indirectly created a reality that is tangible.
3 Thursday, 14 May 2009 21:01
It's possible, but I'm not so sure that in all cases, the human creature is "the creator of the very reality of its existence."  Maybe we can't firmly say what is and isn't inevitable/forced and why/why not.  The way 'something' created life to begin with, the same 'something' could have created a man's current circumstance within evolution instead of a man himself creating it. It may look like he created circumstances, but maybe there are circumstances invisible to us that forced that to happen. 
2 Friday, 01 May 2009 11:24
Thank you for the comment, Shelina. Indeed your thoughts are on an equal footing with that of Sir Charles Darwin -who of course argued the evolution of life to be that of natural selection. If one is unable to adapt, one "dies". This is true for the human world as is true with other animal and even plant world.
1 Thursday, 30 April 2009 17:37
I believe that Evolution of man is synonymous, or based on Change.
As this earth grows older, we have learned through history/ experience that if man is not able to adapt to his natural surroundings, he dies.lol
 I think the progression of how we as humans have  evolved of on earth is inevitable.
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