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A thought on Theology!

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Theology is a study that is very broad. As we continue to debate its ambiguous dogmas, it will serve us no real purpose in the quest for attaining an advantageous end to the issue of self-liberation. As we continue to maintain a shortsighted concept of God or religious experiences, we blur the line between neurotic manifestations and that of personal religious manifestations with the spirit of life!

This was a simple thought on Theology--the study of gods of holy scriptures.

What say u?


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 08 April 2009 01:37 )  
Comments (2)
2 Tuesday, 19 May 2009 13:27
Iscottm2---Your thought as written is a testament to the duality of things; whereas, the study of anything can afford obscurity or enlightenment. But, in the absence of one's ability to discern basic common sense -from things we are presented with, it is almost impossible to attain self-liberation from the grip of organized religion. The very premise of the theology of organized religion is the promise of things -specifically, happiness- as the very proof of its truth; and thus, making the case that these things we seek are independent of us. Well, my dear friend, such is incorrect; for we know the inward then outward order of things. That which is happening on the outer arena is as a result of the very things that are occurring within!
1 Thursday, 14 May 2009 20:40
Just a thought/possibility...Maybe theology (the study of gods of holy scriptures) in fact can (in some cases) serve a real purpose in the quest for attaining an advantageous end to the issue of self-liberation.  
For example, if someone who is dedicated & faithful to a religion begins to engage in theology, that person might discover through their theological studies that their religion actually has no full foundation of fact and that they should not be as dedicated to it.  This would provide an outlet for the person to break from that religion and get closer to self-liberation.  In a case like this, studying theology could liberate the person from their false religion, causing them to seek new information that is actually true and self-liberating.    
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