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Let the revolution of thoughts, ideas and "wordsmanship" begin!

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 On this site, you will be submerged into an objective overview of social issues that are integral to our way of life and are central stage in our lives -and to a larger extent, our communities.

Our world is changing -and is changing quite rapidly! In this fast evolutionary process, it is important that all of us have a say in how this change takes place. The intent of this site is to provide a platform for ordinary people -visiting this site, to have their say.


The goal is to select particular issues, and provide thoughtful commentaries. The authors are encouraged to be objective in their writings, while staying within the context and perimeters of the issues as presented.


There is only one rule on this site: Respect.

The intellectuality of everyone -through their written words on this website, has to be respected. It is inevitable that many of us will disagree on many issues; however, in the wisdom of the old sage: "we [certainly] can agree to disagree!"


As an inaugural gesture, it is fitting to present a just released book: Demystification of Social Systems Spiritualization of the God Within. In this work, Mossa Barandao, the author, makes an argument that underlines the very theme of this website. As such, the book starts for us the critical debate and thinking process that is paramount to fostering a favorable evolutionary outcome.


Let the revolution of thoughts, ideas and "wordsmanship" begin!

What say u?

We invite and encourage you to join our community; in this way, we can have stimulating discussions on topics that matters to us the most. If you're not already a member with The What Say U community, please join us for free. Registration is short and simple and you can start the process by clicking here!.



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